“In summary: brilliant, incisive, mind-blowing and incredibly accurate explanations of the clues that proliferate on the tables. The material is priceless. People do not know how much information they are giving away.”
Mike Lynch, amateur poker player, U.K.

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Reading Poker Tells Video is the creation of Zachary Elwood, the author of the respected poker tells books Reading Poker Tells and Verbal Poker Tells. His first book is well-known for being called the best book on the subject by many players, both experienced and amateur. It has been translated into three languages. Elwood is also known for being a poker tells consultant for two World Series of Poker November Niners (i.e., players who made the final table of the WSOP Main Event.)

This video series is an ongoing project that examines specific behaviors in each video released. The series uses footage from real cash games ($1-2 up to $5-10 NLHE) and real tournaments ($300 up to $3,000 buy-ins). There are currently 16 videos in the series and more will be released in the future.

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