Elwood imageI’m Zachary Elwood. I’m the author of the Reading Poker Tells trilogy of books; my first book has been translated into eight languages. I’m also the creator of a poker tells video training series, which this site is focused on. If you’re not familiar with my work and want to confirm I’m a real person, you can check out my Twitter.

There’s a lot of hype and exaggeration in the poker world. Before buying any poker tells training product, you should make sure there are quite a few good reviews, ideally reviews that are not anonymous and that come from players who obviously take poker seriously. The easiest way to confirm that my poker tells video series is high quality is to check out the reviews.

I also believe in transparency. I believe you should have an idea of what you’re buying before you buy it. So below are a few short samples from my Reading Poker Tells video training series. Currently the course has more than 12 hours of content, and I will occasionally add more videos over time.

Sample from video ‘Defensive hand motions’


Sample from video ‘Long looks at hole cards’


Sample from video ‘Early-hand talking from non-aggressors’


Sample from video ‘Bet-timing: Immediate post-flop calls’


Sample from video ‘Uncertainty and concern when betting’


Sample from video ‘Double-checking hole-cards before post-flop bets’


Sample from video ‘Ostentatious behavior from non-aggressors’


Sample from video ‘Shuffling cards’

What’s next?

Again, I encourage you to check out the reviews of the course. The price for this series will only rise over time, as more videos are added, so the present is always the best time to get it.

While there’s no substitute for videos when it comes to poker tells training, my books are another option. The main strength of my books is in explaining some important philosophical concepts about poker tells, like how important they are, what the main categories they fall into are, things like that. They include specific tells, too. You can learn more about the books here and read reviews for those. My first book has been translated into eight languages.

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