Reviews for my Reading Poker Tells video series

“I bought these recently as part of my WSOP prep and I think they’re absolutely brilliant.”
     – Dara O’Kearney, pro player and host of The Chip Race podcast

“Very well done. This is the next step up from [Mike] Caro’s programs.”
     – Steve Barton, host of Heads Up Poker Podcast

“Clear, compelling content. Elwood takes great care to go into not just “what to look for” but also the psychology behind the action. You won’t just gain a few tips and tricks – you’ll have a deeper understanding of a critical aspect of live play.”
     – Bradley Chalupski, writing for (full review here)

“A researched look at human behavior… It looks like Elwood is basically the only person currently doing a lot of in-depth work on the subject at all.”
     – Clare Fitzgerald, writing for Casino City Times (click for full review)

“I love the series and I think that you do an amazing job. Great job with everything.”
     – John C., poker player

“WSOP Main Event preparation today, rewatching @apokerplayer tells videos. Pretty sure my EV has gone up a fair bit in the last two hours. Great content. Have been recommending [this] to my students who play live for a long time.”
     – Matthew Hunt, pro player, coach, and co-host of the MidStakes Living podcast 

“This is a must-have for every poker player. . . [it’s] exceptional because it not only shows you real-life examples, it explains the reasons why the tell makes sense. Once you understand the ‘why’ you can make decisions with greater confidence.”
     – Mitchell Cogert, poker player, author of Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves

“Loved the videos. Very impressed. Your work has been a catalyst for pushing me to become well-versed in psychology and physical behavior. The video format was entertaining and enjoyable throughout. They’ll definitely make it easier for a casual player to learn the concepts.”
     – Alex Faynshteyn, pro poker player

“I won a seat in the WSOP Main Event by winning the amateur poker league in which I play. Your book and videos helped me tremendously; [they] did a great job of clarifying tells and why people act in certain ways.”
     – J. McKnight, poker player

“Your series is amazing. I’ve been studying particular videos for behavior common in my local 2/5 game and your analysis is spot on.”
     – Dominic P., poker player

“In summary: brilliant, incisive, mind-blowing and incredibly accurate explanations of the clues that proliferate on the tables. The material is priceless. People do not know how much information they are giving away.”
     – Mike Lynch, poker player, U.K.

“One of the first things you notice about Zach’s videos, and one of their strongest aspects, is that they focus as much on the psychology behind poker tells as they do on specific actions. After watching a few videos, you begin to feel confident that you’ll be able to guess what other actions mean… The information they contain is invaluable.”
     – Alex Weldon (read full review on

“Your videos have made me more aware at the table, explaining the psychology behind the things that happen. I find them better than the books on this topic because actual footage makes it so much clearer than merely reading about things.”
     – Marco van Asperen, poker player

“Very high quality. If you’ve played poker, you’ve seen these behaviors before but probably don’t have a good idea of what they can mean. The training videos go into such great detail. They’ve already helped me find spots to steal pots where I otherwise would have given up.”
     – Cliff Fisher, semi-pro poker player

“Very dynamic and very thought-provoking. If you play in live cash games or [tournaments], this stuff is well worth a look.”
     – Carl Sampson, poker player and writer (some of his articles)

“I’ve been a $2-5 reg for 10 years. You go into so much detail on gestures and actions that I often see but hadn’t focused much on. They stand out so much more now. Absolutely excellent videos!”
     – Randy Schmitz, semi-pro player

“I like that your videos are pretty short and to-the-point. You don’t ramble on about ideas that aren’t important. The real-life examples are gold, and keep your attention. All in all, I think this, along with your books, are the best poker tells material on the market. I almost wish you would stop making this stuff.”
     – Chris Drake, poker player, Team Blue Shark Optics pro

“I can tell you work really hard and put a lot of effort and painstaking detail in your work.”
     – Matthew Chan, aka Avatar77, poker player

“I’ve been a fan of Zachary Elwood’s work since reading his first book. But I’m more of a visual learner so I was excited to see he had a video series. I was impressed. The videos were well thought-out and easy to follow, and also the perfect length. I think any poker player would benefit from these training videos. I know for certain they’ve increased my win rate. I can’t wait for the next installment.”
     – Chris Williams, semi-pro player

“The videos were great. I really liked seeing the information laid out in such an organized, analytical, and structured manner. No time was wasted on ‘fluff.’ I didn’t find my attention wandering like with some other poker training videos. While a lot of it wasn’t new, seeing it specifically illustrated really helped quantify what was formerly a ‘sixth sense’ into something more useful.”
     – Josh Hale, semi-pro, winner ’12 WPT Legends of Poker

“The videos are fantastic. They really back up your books and illustrate the points well.”
     – Steven McKelvey, poker player

“I started playing live poker in 2015 and have very limited experience with physical tells. Zach’s video series illuminated some of the tells that I was exhibiting myself. I enjoyed learning about the psychology and motivations behind the actions of most players, and the distinctions drawn between several situations that might seem similar but are actually very different (such as pre-flop/flop play vs turn/river play). The bite-size length of the videos also made the information easy to digest.”
     – Galvin Bay, pro player, author of The Art of Poker

“I have to say your videos and books are helping tremendously. Especially in my regular game. I was winning a lot there before but now it’s like I’m clairvoyant.”
     – Joseph Z., poker player

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