“I bought these videos recently as part of my World Series of Poker preparation and I think they’re absolutely brilliant.”

    – Dara O’Kearney, pro player, host of The Chip Race podcast

Hi, I’m Zachary Elwood. I’m a former pro poker player and the author of the books Reading Poker Tells, Verbal Poker Tells, and Exploiting Poker Tells. My first book has been praised by amateurs and professionals as the best book on the subject, and I humbly agree. (If you’d like to see some evidence for that, check out my Amazon reviews.) I’ve also served as a consultant for two WSOP Main Event final table players (Max Steinberg and Amir Lehavot), examining their opponents for tells.

The Reading Poker Tells Video series is a library of content examining a bunch of specific poker behaviors. It’s currently at almost 10 hours of content, with 30 videos, and it grows over time as I add more videos. The price has also gone up over time, so the present time is always the best time to get it.

“Very well done. This is the next step up from Mike Caro.”

    – Steve Barton, host of Heads Up Poker Podcast

The series uses real poker footage, from both tournaments and cash games, at a range of stakes. What people appreciate about these videos is getting a chance to see real world poker action, which gives me a chance to talk about the many factors that can be present and that can affect a read.  

“WSOP Main Event preparation today: rewatching [Zach Elwood’s] tells videos. Pretty sure my EV has gone up a fair bit in the last two hours. Great content. Have been recommending this for a long time to my students who play live.”

    – Matthew Hunt, pro player, coach, co-host of the MidStakes Living podcast

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  • Reading Poker Tells (2012)
  • Verbal Poker Tells (2014)
  • Exploiting Poker Tells (2017)