When you purchase one of my video series packages, you get lifetime access. What does that mean? It means you get:

  • Access to all existing videos
  • Access to all future videos
  • Access to videos as both streaming video and downloadable files

I add new videos to this series over time. I released this series in August 2015 and at that time it included only 13 videos. Currently (as of April 2021) the series is at 32 videos, for more than 12 hours of content. Most videos are between 10-20 minutes long. Two videos are longer Twitch streams, which are less formal and structured.

I don’t make any firm promises of how often I’ll add videos; the pricing is meant to reflect the current value of the series. But I do plan on continuing to add videos as often as I am able, for the rest of my life. I don’t plan on writing any more poker books, so the video series is the main way I’ll be putting out new ideas. It just may not always be that frequently. Also, recently, with covid reducing live poker play and sales of my stuff, I’ve been less incentivized to make new content. But that will change when things return to more normalcy.

Also worth noting: as I add more videos in the future, the cost of the video series will rise. If you buy it now, you will be paying less than people who purchase it later. When the video series first came out, it was $80.

If you take poker seriously and want to improve your live reading skills, I believe the video series is a fantastic deal. I’ve had many people tell me I price them much too low. But I do want recreational players to be able to feel the series is in reach for them, and that dictates my pricing strategy. But I also understand for many players who don’t play that often, the price might be a bit much; if it is, I recommend getting my books. If you already have those, you might enjoy watching the free videos on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, sign up to be on my list (top of the home page) to hear about occasional sales.

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